Learn how to use the observation scheduling feature of our evaluation system.

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The Observation Schedule feature of the RightPath™ Student Success System allows you to schedule and start observations easily and effectively. 

Accessing the Observation Schedule 

To access the Observation Schedule: 

    1.  Hover over the APPR tab on the on the RightPath™ black menu bar. 

    2.  Select "Observation Schedule". 


Features of the Observation Schedule 

The Observation Schedule allows you to do the following:  

      Schedule a new observation  

      Start a scheduled observation  

      Edit an existing observation  

      Delete a scheduled observation  

      Edit a scheduled observation  

      Export scheduled observations to the calendar on your email client 

 Let’s spend some time discussing each of these capabilities. 

Parts of the Observation Schedule 

Once you arrive at the Observation Schedule, you will see a calendar that is defaulted to the current week. Any scheduled observations for the current month will appear within the calendar. You can also choose to change the view of your calendar to a day, week, or month view. These appointments are colorcoded to reflect the various types of observations. In addition, any scheduled appointments that occur today or tomorrow will appear under the Upcoming heading. 


Scheduling a New Observation 

To schedule a new observation using the Observation Schedule, you will: 

 1. Click on the date on which you would like to schedule the observation. 

2. A pop up box will open to schedule a new observation.

At this point, you will be able to schedule your observation. You will need to complete the following: 

1.  Select a teacher/principal to be observed.
2.  Select the Rubric or Type of observation. 
3.  The date and time will be filled in based on the selection made on the calendar but you are able to edit this information
4. Select announced or unannounced. 
5.  Select the School
6.  Select the Class
7.  Select the Grade level
8.  Click the Schedule & Start to begin immediately or Schedule for later to save the date/time. 

At this point, your observation is scheduled and will now appear on the calendar on the Observation Schedule. If this is an announced observation, the teacher will receive an email in their RightPath email account.  If this is for an unannounced observation, no email will be sent.

Start a Scheduled Observation 

To start a scheduled observation: 

1.  Click on the scheduled observation on the Observation Schedule to begin the observation. 

2.  Select Start observation.

3.  This will bring you directly to the Observation for to start the observation.



Edit an Existing Observation 

To edit an observation that has already been started but has not yet been sent to the observed individual: 

1.  Click on the scheduled observation on the Observation Schedule. 

2.  Select Edit Observation. 


Once the page refreshes, you will be brought to the observation. At this point, you can make any changes to the observation before sending it to the individual. 

Delete a Scheduled Observation 

If an observation has not yet been started, you have the ability to delete the appointment. To delete a scheduled observation: 
1.  Click on the scheduled observation on the Observation Schedule. 
2.  Select Delete Appointment.


Before the appointment is deleted, you will need to confirm that you want to delete it. By clicking the "OK" button, it will be deleted. 

Edit a Scheduled Observation 

To make a change to a scheduled observation that has not yet been started: 

1.  Right-click on the scheduled observation on the Observation Schedule. 

2.  Select Delete Appointment.


Export Scheduled Observations to the Calendar on your Email Client 

The Observation Schedule has a helpful feature that allows you to export scheduled observations to the calendar on your email client. 

To do so, you will click the "Export All to iCal" button


After clicking this button, a prompt will appear that provides you with directions on how to import the dates (see below). After clicking the "OK" button, the .ics file will download. You should follow the directions provided in the prompt.