SMS Migration User Guide

This document describes the need for mapping files if a district is cutting over from one SMS to another SMS. The RightPath™ system replicates and uses a lot of data from client SMS systems. This data is updated on a periodic basis. In order to provide this service, the RightPath system maintains the key values from the client SMS system. If a client is switching SMS vendors, it is possible for these key values to change from one vendor to the next. If this occurs, RightPath will require a mapping file to map the old key values to the new key values in order to provide a seamless continuity of service. Without the mapping file, it will appear as if many new records need to be added to the RightPath system, when in fact, they are not new records; just the key values are new.

• Schools Mapping File

   o Old School Code

   o New School Code

• Administrators Mapping File.

   o Old Staff ID

   o New Staff ID

• Staff Mapping File

   o Old Staff ID

   o New Staff ID

• Classes Mapping File If we cutover during a school year, we need the following mapping file. If we cutover in between school years, we don’t need anything.

   o Old Class ID

   o New Class ID

• Students File It is likely that the student ID’s will match from old to new SMS. However, we should review any formatting changes between the old and the new, i.e., leading 0s. If formatting or student IDs change, we will need this mapping file.

   o Old Student Formatted ID

   o New Student Formatted ID