Once your SLO is in End of Year mode, you have two options for entering summative student data.

1. If your district has pre-loaded End of Year scores to RightPath™, you will have a list of exams in the button labeled “Update Selected EOY Exams”
  a. Click the arrow next to the button and select "All Students"

  b. Choose the exam that corresponds to your SLO and click Update- this will list the exam for every student in the "Exam" column

  c. After choosing the exam, click the arrow next to “Update Selected EOY Scores” and select "All Students"

      i. This will prompt you to confirm that you are updating the scores for any student with an End of Year exam listed, click ‘OK’

2. If your district has not pre-loaded End of Year scores to RightPath™, you will have to enter the End of Year exam scores manually. The button labeled “Bulk Update Mode” will allow you to do this.

  a. Click the button labeled “Bulk Update Mode”- this will open the boxes in the “EOY Score” column to be entered by hand.

  b. You may type the students’ scores in the boxes in the column "EOY Score"

 c. Students not to be included in the scoring calculation for any reason (dropped class, untested, etc.) are excluded by UNchecking the corresponding “EOY Included” checkbox in the population grid’s far right column.

 d. Once you are finished, be sure to click the button "Save Bulk Update"

 e. Once all the scores are entered and you have saved the bulk update, you may go back to the top of the page and click the button on the right that says “Submit EOY”

 f. “View Report” will create a .pdf of the SLO and allow you to print it for your record.