Bulk Load SLO Scores 

  • Multiple exams can be uploaded at once through a single CSV file.
  • Access to this feature requires a new permission.  For assistance in assigning this permission, contact support@rightreasontech.com

Grading and Gradebook
  • The following actions can be performed on multiple assignments:
    • Lock
    • Release Grades
    • Reassign
  • Grades are now stored each time a lesson is reassigned allowing you to view all grades if a lesson is reassigned multiple times.

Custom Data Fields for Observations
  • Custom fields can be defined for observations.
  • Different custom fields can be assigned to each type of observation, for example, walk-through, formal, and end of year.

Indicator Level Comments for Observations
  • Observations can be configured for Indicator level comments by reviewers
  • This feature is being rolled out to districts in waves.  All customers will be able to utilize this by next school year.
  • This feature allows comments to be captured for a specific performance indicator in the rubric.

Google Integration
  • Teachers and Students can import Google Drive documents into lessons.
  • This feature allows students to hand in lessons that contain Google Docs files, and leverage the online collaboration and editing tools provided by Google.
  • This feature is available by District request.  Please contact support@rightreasontech.com for details.

District and Building Level Assessment Reports
  • New reports are available for Formative Assessments.
  • Reports include: Item Analysis, Rank Order and ID Chart

Observation Sharing
  • An observation owner can share the observation with other administrators for editing.

SLO Target Formulas
  • Formulas can be used to calculate targets, or post-test scores for SLOs.
  • Just about any formula can be replicated in the SLO Formula tool.
  • Formulas can reference multiple exams, for example, to average scores to create a baseline.
  • Formulas can include conditional logic to mimic SLO rules containing multiple possible targets for success.