This is a quick guide with screen shots to demonstrate how to create and enter an observation specifically for WSBOCES.

RightPath’s™ Observation platform enables users to collaborate and view observations in the classroom. The platform allows administrators to record observations on the customizable protocol adopted by the school district. The Observation platform can be used on tablets, smartphones, and various other electronic mobile devices.

Create an EOY Evaluation

Observations are accessible from the APPR dropdown menu at the top of any page in RightPath™. To access the platform, go to the "APPR" dropdown menu. From the dropdown list, select "Teacher Observations" and then click on the "End of Year Evaluation". The EOY Evaluation will be conducted the same way as the walkthroughs but will have the additional steps of adding artifacts and domain scoring.

Once you click on the observation menu option, you will be redirected to the Evaluation Search page. Click on the "Add Evaluation" button to add a new evaluation.

A popup will be displayed so the evaluator can enter the data needed to create this evaluation. Click the "Add" button when you are finished.

You will be directed to the End of Year Evaluation page. Check off the previous Walkthroughs and Observations that you would like to include in the EOY Observation and click the "Next" Button.

A popup will display and you can click on the "OK" button.

You will land on the EOY form and can view the Walkthroughs and Observations listed. If you selected one in error, or need to add an additional walkthrough, click the "Previous" button to return to the previous screen and make your changes. You will again see the popup and need to click on the "OK" button to proceed.

Select the proper radio button for Tenure and fill in the absences text box if needed.

Click the "Add Artifact" button in the top right corner to add your artifacts.

Select the check box of the artifacts you want to add and click the "Add Selected Artifacts" button.

You will notice the artifacts have been added to the EOY Evaluation. If you need to remove one of these artifacts, just click the red X. A pop up will be displayed asking you to confirm that you would like to remove this artifact.

Click on the "Edit" button to add your Narrative Notes as you have done when creating the walkthroughs and observations.

Click on the "Comments/Evidence" buttons to add text in the Formal or Informal Section if needed.

Click the "Save and Continue" button located at the top or bottom of the screen at any time. A green alert message will let you know the EOY has saved successfully.

Select a score for each of the indicators from the drop down. By default, D-7 (the highest score) is listed for each of them.

Click the "Edit" button to add Concluding Remarks if needed.

Click the “Calculate Score" button to refresh and view the score.

Add Additional Comments directly into the Attendance Statement text box if needed.

Click the "Save and Continue" button located at the top or bottom of the screen to save your work. This button can be clicked throughout the session.

When completed, click the "Finish" button and you will be returned to the Evaluation Search Page. A green alert message will display to let you know the evaluation has been saved.

You will now be able to Submit the EOY Evaluation by clicking on the disk icon in the search grid. The last step is to send the EOY Evaluation to the teacher by clicking on the envelope icon.