This is a quick guide with screen shots to demonstrate how to create and enter an EOY evaluation specifically for WSBOCES.

RightPath’s™ Observation platform enables users to collaborate and view observations in the classroom. The platform allows administrators to record observations on the customizable protocol adopted by the school district. The Observation platform can be used on tablets, smartphones, and various other electronic mobile devices.

Create an EOY Evaluation

Observations are accessible from the APPR dropdown menu at the top of any page in RightPath™. To access the platform, navigate to the "APPR" menu and select "Observation Search".  This process will be similar to when any type of observation is created. 

Next, click the "Add Observation" button in the top right corner. 

From the pop up, select the teacher's name and select the "End of Year" rubric from the drop down menu. 

Add the additional information for the building, class and grade level and click "Schedule and Start" or "Schedule for Later". 

You will be directed to the End of Year evaluation form.  Change any information as needed if you selected the incorrect building, grade level or type. 

Begin to attach the observations by clicking the "Attach More" button.

Check off the observations you would like to attach and click the "Attached Selected" button. 

Once you have added the observations, you will see them listed on the form.   Click the "Remove" button if you added the wrong observations.

Next, you have the option to add evidence. Click the "Add Evidence" button. 

Check off the evidence you want to attach or upload the evidence you need the same way you added it to the Formal and Walkthrough evaluations earlier in the year.  Remember to click the "Add Selected Evidence" button to attach this evidence. 

When the screen refreshes, you will see your evidence listed. Click the "Remove" button if you selected the wrong evidence. 

Click the "Add Comments" button if you want to add comments. 

Fill out the rest of evaluation and add comments as needed.  Click the "Edit" button add Narrative Notes or Concluding Remarks.

Remember to click the "Save" button. Always click the save button after you have entered large amounts of text.  Once the "Save" button has been clicked, it will allow you to view the calculated score at the bottom of the screen.  Once you are finished, click the "Mark Complete" button at the top of the screen. You can also click the "PDF" button to make a copy of this evaluation for your files. 

Click the "Return to Search" arrow to return to the Observation Search page.  

Once the "Mark Complete" button has been clicked, the EOY score is available to be populated to the HEDI sheet. Click the envelope icon in the "Actions" column if you are ready to send this EOY to the teacher.