This user guide will show you how to utilize the auto-assign feature once the student has submitted his or her assessment.

Navigate to the Auto Assign Page by hovering over the "Lessons Menu" and choosing "Auto Assign ILPS."

  1. Choose the Class in the class drop down.
  2. You can choose to assign All Students or choose a specific student in the class to assign.
  3. Choose the Exam Type. If you are assigning from a Benchmark exam taken in the RightPath™ system you will choose Benchmark Exam. All others will choose Assessment Creator.
  4. Choose the specific exam you was to auto-assign from. Some classes give a variety of assessments to their students that they can receive individual learning plans from, choose the correct exam in the exam dropdown.
  5. In the Assign From section, you will choose whether the student should be assigned from RTI Lessons (usually utilized with ELA and Math 6-8) or from the classes curriculum. In most cases you will choose Class’s Curriculum. Note: the correct curriculum must be attached to the class in order to assign from curriculum.
  6. Choose a start date which will be the date the exam is first available to the student.
  7. Choose an end date. The end date will not make the lessons disappear once the date is reached, it will simply move the lessons from the due column, to the late column to let the student know he/she should have completed them by this date.
  8. Click assign. Once you’ve assigned you will be given a total number of assignments the student was given according to his or her individual learning plan.