RightPath™ allows two different ways to create an assignment: assigning from a curriculum 

assigning from lesson progress.

Assigning from Curriculum

Accessing a particular curriculum can be done through the Curriculum Search page. The Curriculum Search can be found under the Lessons menu.

The user should:

1. Using curriculum search, search for the desired curriculum and choose the unit which holds the lesson or lessons to be assigned.

2. Click the checkbox next to the lesson(s) or unit(s) to be assigned. 

3. Click the ‘Actions’ button at the top of the units. This will open a drop down menu with 3 options:
Assign to Class, Assign to Group, and Advanced Assign.

4. Clicking on ‘Assign to Class’ will open up a side menu of any classes attached to your account. By selecting a class, it will assign the lesson(s) to all of the students associated with that particular class.

5. If you have created a specialized group, you can utilize the Assign to Group option to assign the lesson or lessons to everyone within that group.

6. To assign to multiple classes or a particular group of students within a class, click ‘Advanced Assign’ which will bring you to the Assignment Details page.

7. Once you have selected the components you’d like to include and student or group of students, click Create Assignment.