In the RightPath™ Student Success System, there are three different ways to view and grade

assignments. These three ways are through the Student Work, Gradebook, and Lesson Progress features in the system. This user guide will show you how to use Lesson Progress.

Lesson Progress: Individual Student Progress

The Lesson Progress page can be found under the Students tab.

1. Type the student’s name and then choose the class to be viewed.

2. This will populate a color-coded list of assignments the student has had assigned for this class.

3. The Key above the list will show the meaning of the colors.

4. To view the student’s work, click on the ‘View Work’ icon. This will bring up a report of the student’s answers. If the assignment has been auto-graded, the correct answers and whether or not the student answered correctly or incorrectly will be displayed. If the question is an essay, the student’s answer will also be displayed for review and grading.

5. Click the name of the assignment to expand it to see details like grade, feedback, results etc. This is where the student’s grade is entered. Note: Anything may be typed into the grade box; however, grades entered out of 100 points will be automatically averaged in the Gradebook.

6. Actions Button: This new feature allows the user to lock, release grades, reassign, or unassign one or multiple lessons by checking the check box next to the lesson name and choosing the action you’d like to occur.

7. When finished editing, click ‘Update’. This will save and send the feedback and/or grade.

Viewing Student Work

  1. You can choose the components of the lesson you’d like to view. Select
    1. View Ungraded Content to see any extended response questions that have not yet been graded. This will hide all auto-graded questions and learning components, as well as questions you’ve already graded.
    2. View Gradable Content will show you all question types and allow you to edit even the auto-graded questions. Check the Hide Auto-graded Questions checkbox if you wish to hide auto-graded questions. c. View All Content will display all learning components and questions.
  2. The Preview button will allow you to access the answer key and print handout for the lesson.
  3. Attempts: This drop-down shows you how many times the student has taken the assignment. You can view the student work from each of the attempts by using this drop down.
  4. Grading:
    1. Auto-graded questions will be graded as the student answers the questions. These questions are either correct or incorrect and usually worth 1 point so partial credit cannot be given.
    2. Extended Response: when grading an essay, the teacher can choose correct, incorrect, or partial credit if the question is worth more than one point. The teacher can enter the partial credit grade in the partial credit checkbox.
    3. Click the Update Grade button once you’ve finished grading the assignment. This will save all of your changes and update the final grade. 

Giving Feedback in Lesson Progress

1. Expand the lesson by clicking on the title, find the Feedback section in the expanded lesson. This is where you can write feedback to the student. Simply write your message to the student in the box and click the Update button to send it. This will send the student an email to his account with the message you typed.

2. Uploading a feedback document: to upload a document, find the upload feedback section, browse your computer for the file you’d like to upload and attach it. Click update once you’re finished to send the document to the student email within their account.

3. Adding an Internal Comment: this feature is designed so that you can leave yourself or other teachers that may be grading work a mess without the student seeing it. In order to do this, type your message in the Internal Comment box and click update. This message will remain here for yourself and others to view.

Sending Back Work - Lesson Progress

  1. Check the box next to the lesson (s) name.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Reassign from the list.
  3. Options - Choose if students can see which questions were incorrect and choose if they can see their previous responses.