The HEDI Sheets feature of the RightPath™ Student Success System allows you to create and manage HEDI sheets within your district under the new APPR 3012-d rules. This User Guide will walk you through accessing and utilizing this feature. We will discuss the HEDI Sheets Search page, HEDI Sheets and the HEDI Dashboard.

HEDI Sheets Search

Accessing the HEDI Sheets Search Page:

  • Access the APPR Menu on the Right Path home page
  • Hover over HEDI Sheets Menu
  • Select the HEDI Sheet Search page option

Filters on HEDI Sheets Search 

You can search for a specific teacher on the HEDI Sheet Search page by selecting the School Year and entering the teacher's name in the Search box, or search using one of the filters.  There are four options that you can use for filtering purposes:  

  • Not Started: Includes individuals who do not have a HEDI Sheet created at this point
  • Started Not Complete: Includes individuals who have a HEDI Sheet but information is missing
  • Complete: Includes HEDI Sheets that have been marked as complete
  • Excluded: Includes individuals who are not required to have a HEDI sheet according to your district

There is also an option called "Show Scores" which will display the HEDI score directly on the search page which you can toggle on and off once scores have been calculated.

Creating Multiple HEDI Sheets Using Initialize

HEDI sheets should be created AFTER you have completed all the State and Local SLOs and have completed the End of Year Observations.  

  • Navigate to the HEDI Sheet Search page by clicking on APPR>HEDI Sheets>HEDI Sheet Search
  • Click the "Initialize" button.  
This option will allow you to create multiple HEDI Sheets. This will also populate all the scores from the completed SLOs and completed Observations. 

You will be able to initialize (create) all the HEDI sheets at once, by building or by selecting individual teachers.  

To initialize the HEDI sheets by building, you will select "All Buildings" or select the building needed from the "By Building" drop down menu and click the "Initialize HEDI Sheets" button. 

You can also select several teachers from the list of teachers below by checking off the boxes associated with each teacher and clicking on the "Initialize Selected" button.  

 An alert will display showing you the status of your HEDI Sheet Initialization. 

Creating a Single HEDI Sheet


Sometimes you may need to create a single HEDI Sheet.  Remember HEDI sheets should be created AFTER you have completed all the State and Local SLOs and have completed the End of Year Observations.  To create a single HEDI sheet, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the HEDI Sheet Search page by clicking on APPR>HEDI Sheets>HEDI Sheet Search
  • Click the "Not Started" Radio button.
  • Search for the teacher you want to create a HEDI sheet for.
  • Click the green circle icon with the white plus sign associated with the teacher that you want to create a HEDI sheet for.
  • A new HEDI sheet has been created.
  • This teacher will now appear when you filter for "Started Not Complete" HEDI Sheets. 

Searching/Editing a HEDI Sheet

Once you have made your filtering selections, you can choose a HEDI Sheet by either:  

  • Paging through the list of names in the Search Results
  • Entering a name into the search box and clicking the "Search" button

After you have located the individual whose HEDI Sheet you would like to view, simply click on the pencil icon associated with the HEDI Sheet to open it.

Parts of a HEDI Sheet

Each HEDI Sheet contains the teacher’s State ID, the HEDI Score Table of APPR Under Education Law 3012-d, and the HEDI Scoring Matrix for reference. Depending on your district, some of this information may be pre-­loaded into the HEDI sheet.  

There is an "Initialize" button on this page to refresh the HEDI Sheet and make sure the latest data has been populated from the SLOs and Observations. This button can be used each time you open the HEDI sheet. 

There are three categories that make up a HEDI score:

  • State or SLO Score - 20 points maximum (only one score or the other is acceptable, select by using the appropriate radio button)
  • Optional - 20 points maximum (which will be your Local SLO score if required) 
  • Observation - 60 points maximum

These categories can be modified on the HEDI Score Table. As you modify the points, the Rating will change according to the information in the HEDI Rubric.  While the scores of the completed SLOs and Observations are pulled in and are shown in the Suggested Column, you can override any score by entering the new score in the Override Column.  Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button. 

The main components that are used to score the HEDI sheet have weightings associated with their sub-components.  Weighting can be changed from the District Default if necessary, but remember that the total weightings must equal 100 percent.

The Student Performance Weighting Required category ranges from 50% to 100% and the Optional category ranges from 0% to 50%. These two weightings must equal 100%.  

The Observation Weighting category can be comprised of three categories that must total 100%. If you are not using the Peer Observation category, please be sure to enter a "0" in that text box. The limits for each of the categories are as follows: 

  • Supervisor - the score can range from 80% to 90%
  • Independent - the score can range from 10% to 20%
  • Peer - the score can range from 0% to 10%

Marking a HEDI Sheet as Complete

When you are done with the HEDI Sheet, you will need to save it and mark it as complete.  Simply click on the "Save & Complete" button and this will move the HEDI sheet to the “Complete” category.  You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to view this button.

Printing a HEDI Sheet - coming soon

Additional Features

From the HEDI Sheet Search page, you can access three additional features located in the the top right-­‐hand corner.

  • Initialize: Initialize HEDIs by teacher, by building or all at once
  • Import Data: Bulk upload scores from an Excel spreadsheet into our system: Local, SLO, State or Observations
  • Exporting Data: Download an Excel spreadsheet in the Level 0 format to provide to the state

HEDI Dashboard

Accessing the HEDI Dashboard will allow you to see an overview of all HEDI Sheets within your building and/or district:

  • Hover over the "APPR" tab on the RightPath™  homepage
  • Hover over the HEDI Sheets menu
  • Select HEDI Dashboard

After the page refreshes, you will see a bar chart that shows you how many HEDI sheets are in each of the categories of “Not Started”, “Not Complete”, “Complete”, and "Excluded".

Choosing a Building on the HEDI Dashboard

After the page refreshes, you will see a bar chart that shows you how many HEDI Sheets are in the categories of “Not Started”, “Not Complete”, “Complete”, and “Excluded”. The dashboard will default to showing all buildings within your district. If you would like to filter a specific building:

  • Choose the building you would like to view from the Building drop down menu
  • Click the "View Report" button

The page will then refresh with the updated information for the building you choose.

Accessing the Details for Dashboard Categories

Each of the bars in the HEDI Dashboard are clickable. When you click on a bar, the details for that specific category will appear. You will then be presented with a list of individuals who fall within the category. From here, you are able to click on the individual’s name to either create a new HEDI Sheet (teachers who are included in the "Not Started' category) or to access an existing HEDI Sheet based on the category you choose.