This User Guide will explain how a District or Building Administrator can to create an SLO Template and how a Teacher will use an SLO template.

Creating an SLO Template

The RightPath™ SLO system allows administrators the ability to create SLO templates. Teachers can select from these templates to aide in their SLO creation. These templates allow for the administrator to fill in data that may be agreed upon such as the HEDI criteria for district-wide use or for a particular grade and/or subject, so that each user doesn't have to fill that data.

  • SLO template creation is accessible from the APPR drop down menu at the top of any page in RightPath™. To access the platform, go to the "APPR" drop down menu. From the drop down list, select ‘"SLOs" and then click on the "Goal Form Search" option.

  • From the Goal Form Search page, click on the "Add SLO" button.

  • In the pop-up box, the user can fill out a name for the template (e.g. Fourth Grade Science), make sure the “Is a Template” box is checked, and then click the "Add" button.

This will open up a new SLO form.  Create the SLO template by adding the necessary information.  You will add the data that is required for the template such as SLO type, Target Rules if needed, the HEDI criteria, standards, etc. 

To save changes to the template, the user can click the "Save SLO" button at the top or the bottom of the page. To make a copy from this template to another template, click "Copy to the New SLO" button.  

Please keep in mind, when changes are made to this template, those changes will only be available to anyone who selects the template for their own SLO creation after those changes were made. The changes to the template will NOT make changes to anyone's SLO that was created from the original template.

Teachers: Using an SLO Template to Create An SLO

Users can create an SLO Goal From from a template (pre-populated with required information) using the directions below.

The teacher will navigate to APPR>SLOs>Goal Form Search page.

  • Make sure the "Templates" check box is checked to include templates in the Search Results list. 
  • Click on the eye glasses icon to open the correct template. 

Once the template has been opened, the teacher will click on the "Copy to New SLO" button in the top right hand corner.

A pop-up will appear and allow you to enter the name of your SLO.  Click the "Add" button to create your SLO.

Your SLO has been created and you will notice some data has been populated such as the SLO type, Interval of Instructional Time, HEDI criteria etc. You will need to complete the SLO and add the additional data required such as selecting the building, adding students, exams and baselines.  Once you have completed your SLO, click on the "Save SLO" button located at the top or bottom of the screen to save your SLO.  Once the SLO has been completed, you can click on the "Save and Submit" button to submit the SLO for approval.