Accessing Student Performace Profiles

❶ Log into RightPath™

❷ From the Data Center drop-down menu, choose Student Performance Profile

Filtering Student Performance Profiles and Student RTI Management
❶ Using the drop-down menus, choose the parameters for the data to be viewed.

 Filter by: Exam Type, School Year, Building/Grade, Teacher, Class, Student Group, Student, RTI Filter, IEP Status
Click on a student's name to view the Individual Student Profile. 


Click on a school year to view/edit a students RTI information (*ONLY the CURRENT school year can be edited)

RTI Tiers can be modified using the drop-down menus. (*Changes are automatically saved)

To add IST Files and Interventions, click the + icon next to the item name. 

Create a Student Group

❶ When viewing a Building/ Grade, Teacher or Class, select the student using the checkboxes.

  Click Create Group from Selected

❸ Create a New Group or Add Students to an Existing Group  

View our RTI Management Webinar to learn more.