Add Assessment

To add an assessment to administer, choose Assessment Search from the Data Center menu.

On the assessment search page click the add assessment button in the top right.

A box will pop up and you will be able to name the assessment you are adding. First, enter the assessment name. For this user guide, select paper to create paper bubble sheets. Then click the + Add button. 

Assessment Details

    The first section on the assessment details page is for general information. In this section you can rename the assessment, select the size of the bubbles on the bubble sheets, and choose who to share access of the assessment with.

  The second section on the assessment details page is the Answer Key. Use this section to add multiple choice and open response questions to the assessment. Please note all Open response questions will appear as the last questions on the bubble sheet. 

Use the Add Questions section to choose the number of questions you would like to add for each the multiple choice and open response questions. Enter the number of questions then select the + sign to add. 

Once the questions are added, you will then select the correct letter answer for each number question and how many points the question is worth for scoring.

Use the Actions button to assign Standards to the questions, delete a question, or remove a standard.

Performance Levels

      In this section you can add performance levels and ranges and color code.

Comparison Report Groups

       You can use this section to add assessments to groups for comparison reports.