The End of Year observation uses the observations performed for a teacher throughout the year to produce an overall score for the year. 

Under the "APPR tab", on the "Observation Search" page, select "Add Observation" and choose the End Of Year observation rubric type. Fill out the rest of the form and select "Schedule & Start" to begin.

Once you are on the End of Year observation form edit page you can begin attaching observations and evidence.

Click "Attach More" button under to "Attached Observations" to add observations. A typical EOY observation will have a formal observation principal type and an informal independent type observation. Please note the observation must be in complete status to be available to attach to the End of year observation. Check off the box next to the observations you want to attach then press the "Attach Selected" button in the bottom left of the pop up box.

After the observations have been attached the EOY will populate a score at the bottom of the form. You can now move to the next step of adding evidence or remove any unwanted observations.

Attaching evidence is similar to attaching the observations. Click the "Add Evidence" button and check off the evidence you would like to include.


You may also add narrative notes and concluding remarks by clicking the edit button under each title.

When you are finished filling in the End of Year observation form you will mark it complete at the top of the page and it will be ready for the HEDI sheet stage or available to share with the teacher.