Searching for a Curriculum

1. From the Lessons menu on the top of the screen, the user can click the Curriculum Search link. 

2. The user can specify the curricula to be searched by choosing from the options. Entering the search text will allow the user to find a specific curriculum. Click the ‘Search Curriculum’ button to retrieve the results.

Filter Curriculum being displayed - : 

  • Curricula Assigned to My Classes – Only curricula assigned to your classes. 
  • Curricula I Can Edit – Only curricula with access to edit 
  • Curricula Created by the District – Only curricula owned by the school district are shown. 
  • All Curricula – All curricula, including those obtained from Right Reason Technologies, are shown. 
  • Include Inactive Curricula – Includes curricula currently set as inactive in the search.

Click the ‘Search Curriculum’ button to retrieve the results.

4. Use the Edit/View icon to open the curriculum to view.

Previewing Lessons

1. Click the Expand Triangle to expand each unit and see the mapping. 

2. To preview a lesson - click on the eyeglasses next to the lesson name to see a one page view of all the lesson components. 

3. To preview