Shared Holidays are a mechanism for you to capture your school calendar, and have that calendar applied to all Planbooks in the Planbook Plus system. Planbook Plus automatically skips over these days when planning lessons as they are non-teaching days. It also adjusts the AB schedules and n day rotation (custom) schedules accordingly.


Adding Holidays

To access the Holidays page, click on the Lessons Menu and scroll to Planbook and select Preferences.  

To add a day, you can type, or select a date in the Holiday Date field by clicking the calendar icon. After selecting a date, optionally enter a name for the holiday and click the Add (+) button.



You will notice a green status bar appear temporarily notifying you that the addition of the holiday was a success. You will also see your new holiday appear in the grid, selected for you. Holidays in the grid are in ascending order by date.



The larger calendar on the left allows you to easily identify days that are marked as holidays as they are highlighted in gray. You can also use this calendar as an alternate means of selecting a date for a new holiday.


Removing Holidays

Removing a holiday is easy. You merely click the Delete (-) button on the far right side of the holiday you want to remove in the grid.

After clicking this button you will see a success message. The holiday will be removed from the grid and the calendar.




Scheduling Effects

Shared holidays in Planbook Plus have two main impacts on lesson planning.

  • These days are marked as non-teaching days which allows Planbook Plus to automatically skip these days when lesson planning.

  • The days also have an impact on Planbooks that use AB and n day rotation schedules. The specific behavior is based on the Skip Holidays option found in Planbook Settings.


If you have a scheduling type of A, B, or Custom you will notice a Skip Holidays option in the Planbook Settings screen.



If Skip Holidays is set, the Shared Holiday (not Custom Holidays) days are skipped when toggling between A and B days or through an n day rotation. See the example calendars below.



Shared Holidays vs Custom Holidays 

The table below identifies the main difference between Shared Holidays and Custom Holidays.



Non-Teaching Days

Impact Schedules (AB, Custom)

Shared Holidays



Custom Holidays




Non-Teaching Days

Planbook Plus uses this information to automatically skip these days when lesson planning.


Impact on Schedules

See the section Scheduling Effects in this document which discusses how AB and custom schedules are impacted by Shared Holidays.