Frequently Asked Questions eLearning  

Assigning Lessons 

  1. How do I access my class's curriculum?  

Go to LESSONS and down to CURRICULUM SEARCH. The radio button Curricula Assigned to My Classes should be automatically selected. All curriculum associated with your classes will appear here.  

  1. How do I access a different curriculum other than the one attached to my class? 

Go to LESSONS and down to CURRICULUM SEARCH. The radio button Curricula Created by the District should be selected. In the search bar type in 2020. All of RRT’s current curriculum will appear here.  

  1. How do I view lessons in my curriculum? 

To drill down to the lesson level click on the carrot icon ) next to the unit name 
Different Previews:  

  1. The eyeglasses will give you a one-page preview of the lesson.  

*This preview is recommended for all subjects except Math. 

  1. The stack of books will open the lesson in a new internet tab. This will allow you to preview the lesson as a student, view the answer keys in a page view or print a PDF version of the lesson. To select any of these views, click the PREVIEW dropdown.  

  1. I have found the lesson I want to assign in the curriculum, how do I assign it to students? 

Once you have the lesson you would like to assign in the curriculum you can assign it two ways: 


  1. Assigning right from the Curriculum: 
    Check the box to the left of the lesson name and click on the ACTIONS button. Go down to ADVANCED ASSIGN. A new window will open (Lesson Assign). Make any necessary changes to the assignment dates and lesson components. Select your classes by placing a checkmark next to the class name or drill down to a specific student by using the carrot icon. Click CREATE ASSIGNMENT when you are done.  

  1. Assigning after I have previewed the lesson by clicking the stack of books: 
    If you have previewed the lesson by clicking on the stack of books, you will see a CREATE ASSIGNMENT button.  A new window will open (Lesson Assign). Make any necessary changes to the assignment dates and lesson components. Select your classes by placing a checkmark next to the class name or drill down to a specific student by using the carrot icon. Click CREATE ASSIGNMENT when you are done. 


  1. I am ready to assign a lesson but do not want students to complete all its parts, how can I remove specific parts? (i.e. extended response) 

RightPath allows you to adjust its lessons as you need. You can assign the whole lesson exactly how it is, or you can remove pieces of it before assigning it.  
When you are ready to assign and are on the LESSON ASSIGN page (see Q4) you are going to want to adjust the Lesson Components piece. Instead of INCLUDE ALL you are going to want to switch the radio button to INCLUDE ONLY, uncheck the components you do not want to assign.  

  1. Can I postdate assignments? 

Yes, you can! When you are ready to assign, and you are on the Lesson Assign page (see Q4) you will be able to adjust the start and end dates as far out as you would like to.  

  1. I have accidentally assigned a lesson twice, how do I unassign one? 

No problem, a lesson can be unassigned for students that have not started it and locked for those who have. Navigate to the Assignment Search page by going to Lessons and down to Assignment SearchLocate the “extra” assignment and click on it. Go to the Students tab and unmark the classes or students it was assigned to. Click SAVE when you are done.  

*This will remove the assignment for the students that did not open it and will lock it for those who have started it.  

  1. How do I make changes to a RightPath lesson by adding my own content and changing some of the questions before assigning it? 

Great! We recommend if you do this you create your own copy of the curriculum, so it is all stored together. You can start by using RightPath’s curriculum as a shell and removing anything you do not want. Follow the steps below: 

1. Copy the curriculum down (owner would be YOU- the teacher) 

2. Rename the curriculum to something different than the RRT curriculum 

3. Select the lesson you would like to change by clicking the stack of books. 

4. Copy the name of the lesson  

5. Click Copy Library Item  

6. Paste the name of the lesson in the NAME box 

7. Replace the lesson in their own curriculum by placing a checkmark next to the curriculum they just renamed. 

8. Click COPY (this will give them edit permissions) 

9. Click the Contents Tab edit, add or delete anything in the lesson.  
*To add additional items, use the blank text boxes at the bottom of the Content tab. 

  1. How do I print a Learning Gap Analysis from the RightPath Curriculum?  

Go to LESSONS and down to CURRICULUM SEARCH. Click on the curriculum you would like to print a Learning Gap Analysis for. When you get to the Curriculum View, click the Learning Gap Analysis button.  

Viewing and Grading Student Work 

  1. How do I view the different status’ my students are in? 

The Gradebook is the quickest way to check student status. To navigate to the gradebook, go to STUDENTS and GRADEBOOKSelect the class you would like to view from the Classes dropdown. Use the scroll bar to scroll from left to right and up and down.  


  1. How can I view my student's work? 

There are a few different ways to view student work 
From the Gradebook: 

Click on the assignment for each individual student. A pop-up window (Grade Edit) will display, click on the View Work icon. A new window will open. By default, the system will only open Gradeable Content in this view. You can change the view to show ungraded content, all content and can choose to hide any auto-graded questions.  


From Assignment Search: 

Click on LESSONS and ASSIGNMENT SEARCH. Click on the assignment you would like to view. The assignment will open up in a new window, click on the STUDENT WORK tab. You will see a list of all the students and classes you assigned the lesson toClick on the student work icon to view their work 



  1. How do I grade my student's work? 

By default, most of RightPath’s multiple-choice sections (Independent Practice & Test Ready sections) are autograded and do not require teacher attention. However, you can view your student’s work and change grading if necessary. 

*Extended Response and some Test Ready questions will require teacher attention for grading. 

If the student chose a wrong answer you will see the question is marked red (example question 1 below) if the student answered the question correctly you will see it marked in green (question 2 below) 

The highlighted green answer is the correct answer choice.  




If for some reason you would like to give credit or take away credit for an answer choice, you can override the system and mark the question incorrect or correct. If you do this you will need to click UPDATE GRADE before closing out.  

Grading Extended Response: 
If an assignment has extended response questions, it will need teacher attention before a grade can be assigned. RightPath will give you a suggested answer and/or grading criteria for extended response questions, FULL CREDIT, NO CREDIT or PARTIAL CREDIT can be given for extended response. Once you have graded the extended response section click UPDATE GRADE 

  1. I have graded my student's work; how do I release their grades? 

From the Assignment Search Page, click on the lesson you would like to release grades for. If all your student's lessons were graded and are ready to be released, all students should appear in the orange status (GRADE NOT RELEASED). Click on the checkmark in the blue bar next to STUDENT, go to ACTIONS and RELEASE GRADE. 

Grades will be released to students and the status will change to green (GRADED).  

  1. A student did poorly on an assignment, and I would like them to retake the lesson, how do I reassign the lesson? 

From the Assignment Search Page, click on the lesson you would like to reassign. Checkmark the student you would like to reassign it to, click ACTIONS and REASSIGN. 

  1. The assignment due date has past and I have student that did not complete the assignment, how do I lock the lesson? 

From the Assignment Search Page, click on the lesson you would like to lock. Checkmark the student you would like to lock it from, click ACTIONS and LOCK.  
* This will prevent the student from submitting any work to you. You can undo this by going to ACTIONS and UNLOCK 

  1. Now that students have completed and submitted the lesson, how can I release an answer key to my students? 

Answer keys can only be released per studentFrom the Assignment Search Page, click on the lesson you would like to release answer keys forClick on the pencil icon next to each student’s name and check RELEASE ANSWER KEYClick UPDATE when you are done.   
*Complete this process for each student.  

**This is not required if there is a concern of students sharing answer keys.  

  1. How can I provide feedback to my students? 

From the assignment, click on the pencil icon next to each student’s name, the window will expand giving you more options. Type in your feedback and make any necessary changes in this window. Click UPDATE to send to the student or REASSIGN if you would like the student to take the lesson again.