The eLearning Dashboard is designed to help you progress monitor students who are using RightPath. 

The dashboard can be found in the "Students Menu."

You will see all the classes that you are enrolled in as a Teacher / Helper. If you wish to customize this view, click on the "Show or Hide Classes Menu."

**You must have a Curriculum Attached to your class. Click the link in the message if no curriculum is attached. 

Default View

The default view is always showing you the students that "Need Attention." You can always click "All" to show all students in the class. 

Class Card

Navigate To: This will take you to different places in the system that will be filtered to view specifics to this class. 

Student Card

For each student, you will see how many "Active Lessons" they have to work on and the date of their last submission. You can assign lessons, grade lessons and release grades based on what needs attention. 

When you click on the "Grade" or "Release" button, you will be taken to an assignments page that will show you the assignments that need attention. 

Each lesson can be individually looked at, graded and reviewed. You can also use the "Release All" at the top. This will allow you to Release/Reassign in bulk. You can click the "Reassign Threshold toggle to see the scores for release/reassign.