Use this guide, if you already have district planbooks in RightPath and you are looking to edit them. 

**These guides may be District Guides that are shared with you, or you or a colleague may have put them in to RightPath. 

This User Guide will cover:

  • How to View a Planbook Shared with Me

  • How to View a Planbook I Own

  • How to Edit Planbooks
    • Modifying Unit names
    • Modifying Unit Dates
    • Modifying Lesson Elements
    • Adding New Units to a Planbook
    • How to Add additional Plans under your unit (Daily Planning or sub-units)

  • How to Start a Brand New Planbook from Scratch

How to View a Planbook that is SHARED WITH ME

  1. From the Lessons Menu, select Planbook and choose Planbook Search.
  2. This Search page will default to current school year and the planbooksyou own. Click the radio button to access "Planbooks Shared with Me."
  3. To edit, you must be the owner. So you want to make a copy of the planbook. Click the "Duplicate Icon" in the actions section of the grid. Input the Name of the Planbook, the start date should be the first day of school, and the scheduling will most likely be none if it is taught daily. The scheduling can be changed later on.

                                    [View Planbook Search and Actions Buttons User Guide]

How to View a Planbook that I Own

  1. From the Lessons Menu, select Planbook and choose Planbook Search.
  2. This Search page will default to current school year and the planbooksyou own. 
  3. Click on the "Timeline Icon" to view the Planbook. 

How to Edit a Planbook 

You will be editing your Unit Plans in the Timeline screens. The timeline is an outline view of the Units and Long Range Planning.

Edit Unit Names - On Timeline
  1. Double-click the Unit name and type the new name
Edit Unit Dates - On Timeline

**Any adjustment to the start date will mark the unit to have a "Fixed Start Date." If you need something to overlap you need to set a Fixed Start Date. Otherwise, each lesson will start on the next day after the last one. 

  • Adjust the Duration
    • Click on the duration # in the outline column and modify how many days are in the unit. 
  • Adjust the dates
    • Drag the unit end backwards to change the duration. You will not want to drag the start date unless you want to overlap. 

Modifying Unit Elements - On Timeline
  1. To Enter the Unit/Lesson Plans, click the "Details" link in the outline view. 
  2. The elements can be modified and the text will save every few seconds or when you click to another element. 

Breaking Down Units into Smaller segments or Daily Lesson Plans

**All the information is found in the unit. You have the ability to create a lesson underneath the unit from scratch or copying the current unit to utilize the elements and resources in the unit. 

  • Copying a Unit to create a sub-unit/Daily Lesson Plan - Click to view the Video Demonstration
    • Select the Unit you want to break down.
    • Click the "Copy" button on the TImeline
    • Select the LOCATION of the copied plans.
      • Select the planbook
      • Select the Unit that you want to place the copied plans in to. 
      • Select "Sub-Item" to create the outline and group.
      • Select Next to view the new outline. Make sure the item is placed indented underneath the unit. 
      • Select Next and then Finish. There will be no changes to the lesson elements, since they were all copied from the same element templates. 
      • Double-click the new item to rename it - it will retain the name of the unituntil you do this. 
      • Click the "details" link in the item row to modify the lesson elements/standards/resources.
  • Creating a Sub-Unit/Daily Plan from scratch - Click to view the Video Demonstration
    • You ca always open the unit plan in a new window and copy and paste the information 
    • Click the Unit you would like to add to. 
    • Click "Add Sub-Item - this will create the grouping. DO NOT CLICK SUB-ITEM AGAIN.
    • Click the New Item that was added to highlight it.
    • Click "Add Item Below" to add it to the same level as the new item you added. 
    • Double-click the new items to rename them. 
    • Click the "details" link in the item row to add the lesson elements/standards/resources.