RightPath’s™ SLO Goal Form enables users to streamline the creation of the SLO Goal forms and the approval process. 

Create an SLO 

Teachers can create an SLO from a template (prepopulated with certain pieces of information) or with a blank form using the directions below. SLO creation is accessible from the APPR dropdown menu at the top of any page in RightPath™. 

To access the platform, click on the "APPR" menu. From the dropdown list, select "SLOs" and then slide over and click on the "Goal Form Search" option

From the Goal Form Search page, click on the "Add SLO" button. 

In the pop-up box, the teacher can name the SLO (e.g. Betty Rose’s SLO or Fourth Grade Science). Make sure the "Is a Template" box is NOT checked, and then click the "Add" button. 

This will open up a new SLO form. Once the SLO form is open, the teacher can fill out the form. Select the SLO type (State or Local) and choose a building from the dropdown menu. Fill in the Population, HEDI and other narrative sections on the SLO. The rich text box fields have the ability to spell check, highlight, bold, italicize, increase or decrease the size, change the font type, etc… 

If you need to edit the SLO name, click on the red pencil icon that precedes the name of the SLO and make your changes. Make sure you click the "Save" button to save the new name. 

Add Students 

 To add students to the SLO from a class that is loaded in the system, click the box or boxes next to the class names. You may need to change the page size to see more classes listed. To change the page size, click on the dropdown arrow next to the "Page Size: 5" and select a larger number to see the classes on the next page. 

The teacher can also choose an exam at this time that is loaded in the system by clicking on the SLO Exam column button marked “No Exam”. This will show a list of exams to pick from. If the exam is not listed there, you can add the exam at a later time. Click the "Add Students From Classes" button to add these students to the SLO.

When the screen refreshes, you will see the students listed, along with the exam if you selected one. 

Remove Students

 You can remove a student by clicking on the box next to the name of the student you want to remove. Then click the "Remove All" button and select the "Selected Students" option from the drop down menu. 

Click the "OK" button to confirm you want to delete the selected students. When the screen refreshes, you will see the student has been removed from the SLO. 

You can remove multiple students by clicking on multiple boxes next to the names and then clicking the "Remove Selected". You can remove all the students at once by clicking on the "Remove All" button. You will see a popup that will ask you to confirm you want to remove all students from the SLO.

Add a Student Manually 

 To manually add a student, the teacher can add the student ID# and student name at the bottom of the list of students and click the disk icon to the left of the boxes to save and add the student. 

When the screen refreshes, you will see the student added to the top of your roster. Click the student icon on the right margin to link the student to his exams so the scores can be populated. The manually added student will have "No Class Association". 

Add Exams

 If the exam was not pulled in previously, you can populate it by clicking on the "Update Selected Exams" button and the "All Students" dropdown menu. 

You will see a pop-up that allows you to pick the exam you want to add to your SLO. Click on the "No Exam" and select your exam.

Click the "Update" button. 

When the page refreshes, you will see the exam name has populated the SLO. 

Add Baseline Scores 

 The next step is to add Baseline Scores. Click on the "Update Selected Baselines" dropdown button and select the "All Students" option. Click on "OK" to confirm and any students listed on the SLO with a score in the system will populate the SLO. 

When the screen refreshes, you will see the baseline scores have been pulled in for all students who have taken that exam. If no scores have populated, either the exam has not been loaded in system or you have selected the incorrect exam. 

Bulk Update Scores

 If the exams and scores are not loaded by your district, you can bulk update scores manually by clicking the "Bulk Update Mode" button. 

The teacher will click in the white box and key in the student scores by tabbing from box to box. Comments may be added this way as well. Remember to click the "Save Bulk Update" button to save this information. 

Once the page refreshes, you will see the baselines have been filled in. The SLO is now ready for target scores.

Add Target Scores 
 To calculate the target scores, the teacher can click on the "Update Selected Target" button and the "All Students" dropdown menu option. 

This will open a window where criteria can be selected for calculating the target scores using the S.I. (Success Index), Raw Growth, Percentage Growth, or Constant and then clicking the "Update" button. Your District will advise you on which target criteria to use. For example, if I pick Raw Growth and 5, then click the "Update" button, the targets will populate. 

When the screen refreshes, you will see the target scores and growth measures have been added to the SLO. 

Update Selected Students 

The teacher can update a subset of students with exams, baselines and targets by using the dropdown option "Selected Students". This may be used if you have two grade levels listed on your SLO and you have given a different exam for each grade. Check off the students that you want to update by clicking on the check box in front of their name. Then instead of selecting the "All Students" dropdown, you will click on the "Selected Students" to update. This works the same way for updating the exams, baselines and the targets. 

Edit a Student’s Information 

Individual student’s grades that may need to be edited or comments can be added by clicking the pencil next to the student’s name. Once changes or comments are made, the disk icon must be clicked to save the changes. Clicking on the red "X" cancels the action.


Check the SLO 

To check the SLO for missing information, the teacher can click the ‘Check Form’ button at the top of the screen. A list of warnings of items that may be missing will display at the top of the SLO. These issues should be addressed now, otherwise the reviewer will be sending this SLO back for you to edit before it can be moved forward to End of Year (EOY) mode. 




Save the SLO 

 To save changes to the SLO Goal form, the teacher can click the ‘Save SLO’ button at the top of the SLO Goal Form at any time.



Save a Copy of the SLO For Your Records

If you want to print or save a copy of the SLO, click on the “View Report’ button at the top of the SLO.

You will see a message at the bottom of the screen that allows you to click on the ‘Save’ button to save a copy of the SLO information for your records.

You can also click the "Download PDF" button if you want a copy of the student grid information only. 

Submit the SLO 

 Once the teacher is satisfied that all the information on the SLO is correct, he will click on the "Save and Submit" button. This will submit the SLO to your reviewer for approval. 

A message will appear at the top of the form that informs the teacher that the SLO Goal Form has been submitted and is awaiting approval. 

If the SLO is approved, it moves to End of Year mode and is ready for the teacher to add the EOY exam and EOY scores the same way the baseline scores were added. The teacher will then submit the SLO again by clicking on the "Submit EOY" button. This SLO is now complete unless it is flagged for review. 

 An SLO is flagged for a final review if: 

There are errors on the SLO. 

A student is missing an EOY Score. 

A student has been excluded from counting in the SLO calculations (by removing the check mark in the box in the far right column). Any SLOs that meet the above criteria, need to be reviewed once again before the HEDI score can be calculated. 

 Common errors that will cause an SLO to be returned to the teacher are baseline, targets or EOY scores are missing. 

Delete the SLO 
The teacher can delete any SLOs that are not needed. If an SLO needs to be deleted, the teacher will open the SLO and click the "Delete SLO" button. A confirmation screen will pop up and the teacher will select "OK". If needed, the SLO can be reactivated by contacting our Support Department.