This is a quick guide with screen shots to demonstrate how to enter scores for the HEDI Sheet using the HEDI Sheet Search option.

1. Navigate to the HEDI Sheet Search page by clicking on APPR>HEDI Sheets>HEDI Sheet Search.

2. You will be directed to the HEDI Sheet Search page. If the search box is left blank and the "Not Started" radio button is selected, you will see a list of all the teachers who do not have a HEDI Sheet created yet. You may also enter the name of a specific teacher you are looking for in the search box and select the proper radio button to see their HEDI Sheet.

3. Click on the green circle with the plus sign to create a HEDI sheet. You can click on the red circle with the white minus sign to exclude a teacher from having a HEDI Sheet.

4. Once you click on the plus sign, you will land on the HEDI Sheet page and a message will display to let you know the HEDI sheet was created.

5. Enter the scores and click the "Save" button. You can now view the HEDI Rating. Click on the "Complete" button to mark the HEDI complete.

6. Confirm that you want to complete this HEDI Sheet by clicking the "OK" button.

7. Once the HEDI Sheet has been saved and completed, a message will display to alert you that this HEDI Sheet has been saved and completed successfully.

8. Click the "Close" button to leave the page and you will be returned to the HEDI Sheet Search.

9. If you need to edit a HEDI Sheet, just click on the pencil icon and you will be directed to the HEDI Sheet page to enter scores.